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Habanero is the king of the castle and his two princes, Cayenne and Rawit. Extra smoky hickory taste.

 Heatiness level: Lava

Hekla is another volcano and, after the eruption of 1104, stories (probably spread deliberately through Europe by Cistercian monks) told that Hekla was the gateway to Hell. The Cistercian monk Herbert of Clairvaux wrote in his De Miraculis (without naming Hekla). Hekla is our medium sauce, making it level: Lava


Habanero, Cayenne, Rawit, Svartur pipar, Laukur, Reykt Paprika, Lime, kúmen, steinselja, hvítlaukur, síróp, vatn, repjuoía tómatmauk, sykur, edik, salt,
sýrustillir (E296) rotvarnarefni (E202, E211) þykkingarefni (E415)